The overriding theme of advertising present in most “Going Green” advertising is to engineer a sense of emotion. While this is most often than not disguised behind a veil of “concern for the future” it is, in reality, the typical idea of doing something by doing nothing. Whether it is losing weight or finding happiness by taking a pill or saving the world for future generations by converting to solar power or taking two-minute showers it is just the age old marketing program set to different music. What is actually being sold is not the device, system, or product at all, but instead the emotional experience associated with it.

In truth though this type of advertising does prove to be a good example of what you must consider if you want to understand your impact on the environment though, and it requires no emotional attachment whatsoever.

Instead of worrying about your “carbon footprint”, or the impact of your conveniences on the status of human-caused “climate change”, there is a far easier measure you can use to determine how active you are in hastening the end of the world as we know it. Just look at the amount you waste. Start at the end of the chain and work backward. How much Stuff you throw away, how many trash bags a week, how much good food lands on the trash, how much water do you use a month, how much electricity, and even how much you use the restroom, are all immediate indicators of your impact on the world.

Reduce all of these by 10% to 20% and you’ll be doing more than all the Go-Green companies trying to sell you things made in China, shipped across the ocean, trucked across several states, stocked in your local store, bought, used for several months and then discarded in the trash which of course opens up some space in the garage for some other Stuff….. that you just need to have now.

Less in = Less out







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