The discussion around Climate Change science is a good example of a common place hypocrisy .

How many times have you read through some compelling information, complete with graphs and diagrams, set forth to convey and convince you of a particular complex bit of the argument, all while leaving you no clear communicated actionable position? As if the true goal was simply to “Win” the argument.   A Socratic exercise with the prize being a quiet acknowledgment of cleverness. And what is expressed in these sophist arguments other than a desire to pollute less and leave the world better than we found it? Why can the question not just be “Who thinks we should pollute less?”

As in all human endeavors the truth often revolves around those ideas or actions/inaction that we find value in. What value do we find in these overly complex discussions which we seem intent on repeating while deferring action until consensus is satisfactorily reached?

The answer lies in the question itself. Our ability to hold pedantic views on a myriad of topics allow us to pontificate and espouse beliefs in a way that assures no consensus can be reached, and therefor we never need to internalize any of these ideas into a codified conduct of behavior.  In summary, we can identify with great ideas and not change our behavior one bit.

An example of this duplicitous ability is that all of us want to save the polar bears, but none of us are willing to simply pledge to not buy convenience drinks in plastic bottles.

Would you hang clothes to dry instead of running the dryer?

Would you purposefully limit your showers to 5 minutes?

Would you pass on a trip to a foreign land and opt for a local destination?

As simple as these ideas are, the vast majority of us are unwilling to take such simple actions and yet we readily wave the flag of environmental stewardship on social media and elsewhere.   It is to have the conversation as …

  • “We need to do something!!” he said.
  • “YEA!!!” they replied.
  • “Let’s start now! ” he said.
  • … wait a sec..i didn’t know you actually meant ‘us’… or actually meant ‘right now…” they said. 😐😐😐

And that is an example of common place  hypocrisy.

Where else do you see this dynamic?


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