The little things…

It’s the little things
That go unseen
Like a life long commitment
Or a long forgotten dream
Like love in your heart
That calms to contentment
Like the fervor of youth
As long as you’re in it
It’s the little things
That go unseen
Like you and you,
And you, and me….

Almost There…again

I am always
Almost there
Just a bit further
From here to there
One more step
One more mile
One more handshake
One more smile
When I finally get it,
I’ll know what I want
Then only then
Will I decide what next to hunt
As I fill up my pitcher
I’ll say not enough
And secure a bigger vessel
With which to quench my thirst
Perhaps a house
Will allow me to fill it
With all of the things
I’ve collected to need it
So one more sunrise
One more breath
It would do well to remember
Lead to just one death.


I shared a book called “The Book, the taboo of knowing who you are”, with a friend recently and received an interesting reply.  A quite reductionist question about religion,  it read:

  •   “Throw everything out and ask yourself ONLY two questions.
    First One,  are you ready?  Now think a  little.  DO YOU BELIEVE THERE IS A GOD.
    — Yes or no.
    Second,   do you believe in Jesus  Christ?
    Everything else is BS
    — Yes or no.  Right there is it all.   What do you say?


  • Do I believe there is a God? A conscious being that created the world as we know it, as told in the Bible….

— No, I don’t.

  • Do I believe in Jesus Christ, as in the divinity of Christ, and salvation only through Christ…

— No I don’t.

The closest I get to an expression of God as depicted in Christianity is a connectedness of all things and a surrendering to a belief in the value of Virtue.

In other words.  For me, the story of Christ is a parable to learn from.  I value not the dogma of Christianity, but rather the desire to live a ‘Christ Like’  life.

Dealing with a Changing Culture (Millennials) within the workforce

Recently I was asked to provide input on how to ensure employees are not “Getting Stuck” and if so, how to “resolve” this.

The initial definition for ‘Stuck” was “Employees that desire change but have no clear path to additional achievement.”.    However, after some discussion, it was agreed that we have very few employees that fit that definition.  The definition was changed to “Employees that do NOT express a desire for change, have no clear path to additional achievement agreed, but nonetheless, risk getting stale”.

The premise of considering this as a problem was that people who don’t change, whether they express an interest in change or not, will inevitably get bored, which results in them being unproductive and dissatisfied.

In a broader sense,  this is decidedly an aging bit of western cultural influence and is expressed in the idea that “Success” is defined by whatever you have +10%.    This older thinking can and does lead to strong development, but can also become a habit of distraction in one’s personal life.   For a growing number of people I talk to, and also for the rising tide of millennial generation’s influence, this concept of development/success will continuously be challenged.

As a general statement, I would say the idea of “success” is shifting from “How can I be successful?” to “Why do I want to be successful?” This is a significant shift away from the idea of success as measured by accumulation, to an idea of “Success” as measured by the freedom your work life allows you in your pursuit of other priorities.  I believe this is evident in the extended adolescence of Western 20-somethings, their lack of interest in home ownership (indeed many view home ownership as a burden) and the focus on maintaining what has been termed ‘Optionality’.

All this being said,  It is worth considering whether a management tier’s focus on getting people “unstuck” as termed by “Employees that do not express a desire for change… but nonetheless risk getting stale” is, in fact, an adherence to values of previous generations.  As opposed to a need to consider how the emerging cultural values (the younger generation’s) can be met while maintaining a workforce able to meet the company’s needs.

What is the issue with “Third-Wave-Feminism?

What is the issue with “Third-Wave-Feminism?
—  Well, for one thing, it is not about feminism.

The tenants of Third-Wave-Feminism have so inextricably linked far-left politics to their self-conceived identity of a modern feminist that they can’t even celebrate a woman winning a Congressional election.

  • “Jill Filipovic is a New York attorney, journalist and a liberal/progressive feminist author.” – Wikipedia

She is also very unsupportive of a woman, Karen Handel, winning in Georgia’s special election against a heavily externally financed male Democrat.



McCain’s Russia Hypocrisy is a mirror of US foriegn policy hypocrisy

As John McCain continues to stump for sanctions against Russia for the election period cyberattacks, is worth remembering that he sits on the Senate Intelligence Oversight committee and is quite aware of our involment in the Ukrainian election process and subsequent destabilization.